“A wonderful company … so glad we switched to Countryside! Always great service and great people and we love the budget plan! ”
“The technician that came out today was polite, thorough and professional. He did a great job! ”
“Blown away by the excellent customer service your propane installer provided me yesterday. ”
“Your customer service is great! I couldn’t ask for better. ”
“Thanks for the great customer service! … You guys are awesome! ”
“I have been with you for about 7 years and you have treated me wonderful! I have recommended you in the past and I will recommend you in the future. ”
“You guys are by far the best propane company I have ever dealt with! It is so nice to finally find an LP company that I can trust! ”


Why Turn to Valley?  It's not just the price….. It's the People.

Valley Energy is a local company, formed and operated by people who call this home, by people who give back to their community and most importantly, who understand the needs of its customers:  dependable service at a competitive price

Our people have more than a century of experience in the propane and petroleum distribution business.  Valley is an experienced energy supplier, well-staffed and well-equipped to handle all of your propane and commercial fuel needs.

We offer many solutions for your commercial fuel requirements.  From agricultural warehouses to industrial buildings, from commercial office space to governmental contracts, we take the time to learn about your business, and design a plan that can meet all your needs.

We have developed special pricing arrangements with you to insulate you from volatile market fluctuations. We can track the energy markets for you.

The Competition:

It's no secret that our competitors have taken advantage of the marketplace for the past few years.   That's why we are here.  Big public companies are more concerned about their budgets than you, their customers.  To them, you are just a number.  To us, you are our neighbor, and we are committed to your success.  


Valley will work with you to determine your best options.  Whether it is on-site storage, a refueling station, cylinder exchange or direct delivery.  We will do what makes sense.


Valley is your one stop shop for all of your diesel fuel and gasoline needs at a competitive price.

Let your drivers drive:   We can offer on-site fueling for your fleet, if the dollars make cents. Give us a call and we can discuss your economics.


America's farms are the backbone of this great nation.  They're critical to our success as a country, and to our future.  To operate, they need fuel.  That’s where we come in.  At Valley Propane and Fuels, we're proud to count many local farms as customers, and we’d love to work with you!