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Farm/Agricultural Diesel Fuel

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel is a clear diesel product, also known as on-road diesel. It meets the USEPA and NYS standards for 15 ppm sulfur content fuel for all on-road vehicles. Typical uses include fuel for personal vehicles, farm trucks and other on road farm equipment.


Dyed Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSDD)

Dyed Ultra- Low Sulfur Diesel is a dyed diesel product, also known as off-road diesel. It meets the USEPA and NYS standards for 15 ppm sulfur content fuel for all off-road applications. Typical farm uses include fuel for tractors, skid loaders and gators, as well as for irrigation engines and backup generators.


Winter Blends

Valley Energy can provide multiple options to increase the cold weather operability of ULSD and ULSDD through the use of winter additives, ultra-low sulfur kerosene (ULSK) or a combination of both additives and ULSK. We can recommend the proper blended fuel based upon weather conditions and how long the product will be stored in your tank, or we can provide a blend that meets your specific requirements.