“Thanks for the great customer service! … You guys are awesome! ”
“I have been with you for about 7 years and you have treated me wonderful! I have recommended you in the past and I will recommend you in the future. ”
“You guys are by far the best propane company I have ever dealt with! It is so nice to finally find an LP company that I can trust! ”
“I was so happy you got to me with such short notice when S… Propane came and picked up my tank and left me with no LP. I told them only two days before I didn’t need a refill, I would call them when I needed some, and they picked up my tank! Thank you for such great customer service! ”

Farm/Agricultural Equipment Options

Countryside Energy has numerous types of equipment available for sale or loan to our agricultural customers to assist in servicing your fuel requirements including:

  • Propane cylinders ranging in size from 20# cylinders to 100# cylinders with cylinder cages for certain applications.
  • Above ground propane tanks ranging in size from 120 gallon to 1,000 gallon and underground tanks ranging in size from 500 gallon to 1,000 gallon.
  • Complete propane pump station packages including tank, pump, meter and all accessories
  • A Remote Tank Monitoring System that provides the periodic inventory of your tank via wireless communication. This system is ideal for high volume users or irregular usage patterns to prevent runouts.