“Thanks for the great customer service! … You guys are awesome! ”
“I have been with you for about 7 years and you have treated me wonderful! I have recommended you in the past and I will recommend you in the future. ”
“You guys are by far the best propane company I have ever dealt with! It is so nice to finally find an LP company that I can trust! ”
“I was so happy you got to me with such short notice when S… Propane came and picked up my tank and left me with no LP. I told them only two days before I didn’t need a refill, I would call them when I needed some, and they picked up my tank! Thank you for such great customer service! ”

Farm/Agricultural Pricing Options

Countryside Energy is proud to offer the following competitive propane pricing options to our agricultural customers.

Market Pricing

You will be charged the daily market price for each gallon of product delivered plus any applicable taxes. This price per gallon will fluctuate based upon the current energy markets and the volume of the anticipated delivery.

Formula Pricing

You will be charged a daily price based upon a pre-selected reference price + markup + applicable taxes. This price will fluctuate daily based upon the change in the base reference price.

Fixed-Price Program

Countryside Energy currently offers a fixed price program for propane customers for the period of May 1, 2018, through April 30, 2019. Enrollment in this program is FREE and allows you to lock-in a price for a fixed number of gallons. This program requires credit approval and a minimum annual purchase of 400 gallons with automatic delivery. Any product purchased in excess of the committed gallons will be billed at the current market price in effect at the time of delivery.

Countryside Energy also has the capability of quoting a fixed price program for any large diesel, gasoline or fuel oil user for a specified number of months into the future. For more information please call the office at 607-527-3030.

No Extra Fees

Countryside Energy does not charge additional fees on each delivery such as “Hazmat Fees”, “Delivery Fees”, “Fuel Surcharges”, “Training Fees”, etc. These fees charged by many other suppliers may add an additional several cents per gallon to the cost of your delivery.